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About us

About Us

We Capture Splendid Wedding Memories

Wedding Reels is an experienced and best Wedding Photographer in India located in Varanasi committed to enhancing customer satisfaction. We have a lot of experience in Candid Wedding Photography, Pre Wedding Photography & Indian Wedding Photography.

About us

Marriages are the Harolds of a fresh start and a new future. People's emotions are on a fairground ride as the day unfolds. The newlyweds are overjoyed to be starting their better beginning together. The girl's heart is filled with bittersweet agony as she is very close to leaving her old home.

We watch each of these subtle feelings and use our lenses to make magic. Call us to create a dreamlike record of your wedding day!

Why People Choose Us

WR Photography is an experienced & Best Wedding Photographer in India that is committed to enhancing customer satisfaction.

Best Candid Photography

The very spontaneous emotions and expressions of the people in the celebrations are some of the best things to keep a memoir of. And these express the very raw form of happiness and love of them.

Always On Time

Yes, making those perfect edits to have those perfect dreamlike snaps and your dream album. This does take some time. But we prioritize each of our clients and assure on-time delivery.

Share Your Happiness.

We just don't believe in snapping the shutter button like a robot, throughout the event. There are indeed some very minute emotions that can only be understood by sharing them with our clients.

Latest Trends In Photography

The world of photography has evolved, and there are new things being added to the trend every now and then. We believe in upgrading our skill and providing our clients.

Hassle Free Communication

Yes, we understand how excited and anxious one might be on their wedding day, or while planning. And to get things sorted with us, we are right one call away.


No, we are not among them who would fidget with their new devices and miss out on many important moments. Our professional team knows exactly where and how to do their job!




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