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Pre-Wedding Photography

Pre-Wedding Photoshoots

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Pre-wedding photography permits the two accomplices to get to know one another better. You are allowed to present or not to present. Pre-wedding shoot picture takers are determined to catching regular minutes, articulations, and genuine feelings shared by the couple. Such pictures make your collection more dynamic.

Pre-Wedding Shoots

Our Pre Wedding Portfolio

The prolific and passionate lenses in our team have gotten us some real gems into our kitty. Explore our gallery of pic perfect photography.

Pre-Wedding Shoots

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The prolific and passionate lenses in our team have gotten us some real gems into our kitty. Explore our gallery of pic perfect photography.

Why we are the best for photographer in Varanasi?

Discover the essence of unforgettable moments with Wedding Reels. As Varanasi's premier photography team, we specialize in weaving emotions into every frame. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, ensures a visual masterpiece tailored to your unique story. Whether it's the traditional charm or a cinematic spectacle, we bring your vision to life. Choose Wedding Reels for a captivating journey through the lens, where your special moments become cherished memories.

Our Themes for

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Discover unique pre-wedding themes at Wedding Reels. From classic romance to modern vibes, capture your love story with creative backdrops. Your moments, our masterpiece.


Miniature Photography

Miniature Photography is an illusion of scale where the figures and the surroundings look life-size.


Includes Pets

For the royal look and a must have for animal lovers and also integral part of your family.


Heritage Hotspots

You can also travel to the nearest heritage locations around your city for the shoot. It looks royal and absolutely awe-inspiring.

Moon icon

Night Shoot

A unique shoot not seen very often. Must try if you love the sparkle of the night


Nature Lovers

For Nature lovers, its a must have. The romantic shots by the lake make for awesome moments and memories.


Sky lantern and Fireworks

Combine with night-shoot to get some unique stuff to your pre-wedding shoot by using lanterns.


Romantic Rain

Rains set the mood romantic and photography captures it and People getting married in and around monsoon season can make the use of natural prop.


Underwater shoot

So unique that only a handful of people can pull this off. Try it if you two can swim.


Date Night

Get a romantic date night shot from your photographer

Get Amazing Offers for your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Pre-Wedding Shoot is the best part which the would-be couple experiences before the wedding. It is something experiencing as they visit beautiful locations and lost in their own world, they make memories and click pictures of that. photoshoot.