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Traditonal Photography for Weddings

Traditional photography

Traditional Photography is similar to what many couples’ parents have from their weddings. These straightforward photographs may not be highly creative—they’re typically shot at eye level and posed—but they stand the test of time. Most photographers incorporate at least some traditional photography into their mix, particularly for family portraits after the ceremony.

Maternity Photography

Maternity photography

Maternity photography has ended up being ridiculously famous. Generally, it's done in the last option phases of the pregnancy for most extreme enhanced visualization.

Baby Photography

Baby photography

Baby photography is the general term for taking pictures of human infants, from birth to around one year old enough.

Birthday Photography

Birthday Photography

Birthdays come around every year but once a year. So there is no reason not to celebrate this day it bring something valuable to others, it marks your existence and that is what makes significantl from the rest of the days.

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Wedding photography

Wedding photography is the general term for taking pictures of lovely couple, which of a new life, and a new little world on that day brings in a roller coaster of emotions within the people.

Anniversary icon

Anniversary Photography

Anniversary photography we are Wedding Reels specialize to provides best quality of work. Anniversary is quite challenging of this kind.

Events Photography AC

Events photography

Wedding Reels cover lot of Private, Coporate & Charity events we focused to provide quality shots capture photo shots for client this events in quite unique and challenging too.

Traditional photography

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The prolific and passionate lenses in our team have gotten us some real gems into our kitty. Explore our gallery of pic perfect photography.

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Why we are the best for Wedding Photography....

Weddings are the Harold of a new life, and a new little world. The day brings in a roller coaster of emotions within the people. The couple is equally happy to be beginning their new life. Again there is a bittersweet pain in the heart of the bride, for thinking of leaving her childhood home behind.

We observe each of these minute emotions and create magic with our lenses. Hire us to have a surreal album of your day!

Get Amazing Offers for your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Pre-Wedding Shoot is the best part which the would-be couple experiences before the wedding. It is something experiencing as they visit beautiful locations and lost in their own world, they make memories and click pictures of that. photoshoot.